Learn the low pitch!

In the winter while the ground is wet we need to make our pitching more aggressive in order to get the ball to the whole.

Does that mean swing longer or harder, definitely not! As your probably well away the ground is soggy and the chances of miss hits will be far higher.

So what’s the solution? Change the style of shot, the low pitch. This is a lot simpler than it sounds!

stanceAll I want you to do is a normal pitch swing but with your short to mid irons such as your 9,8,7 iron. This will create a ball flight which is far lower and more controllable, also the result will travel further with less effort meaning this shot carries a much lower risk factor. The shot will fly at least half the height than a normal pitch if not lower, it will also run out a bit more.

If you are unfamiliar with the standard pitch I will outline it here.

Stance – Hip width
Weight – 70/30 favouring the leading foot
Ball position – level with the inside of the leading heel
Toes (feet) – turned out

The swing is very simple, our body is the engine of the swing simply turning back and through. The hands stay soft with the arms staying connected to the torso with pressure being maintained under both arm pits.

steve sequencechipjpg

So apply these new clubs to the same basic pitch and open your approach game to a whole new world that is more aggressive, effective and accurate.

Enjoy the low pitch!

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