Understand the swing is a circle

circlegolfswingThe golf swing is a circular motion that is tilted on an angle and aimed at a target. But one of the biggest faults I see is that the swing comes off the ideal circle sometimes intentionally, the biggest reasons for this in my opinion is many don’t have a clear understanding of how a swing should work correctly. The game of golf is plagued with myths of how the swing works.

So firstly during the back swing a common problem I experience is a golfer who is trying to push the club back “straight”. The question I would ask is which part of a circle is straight? The answer is none of it! This is one of the biggest myths in golf, the club on the back swing constantly moves inwards and upwards, never straight.

As the golf swing is a circle the same movement must happen on the follow through to keep the swing symmetrical. The club on the way through moves in ward and a upward. Another common problem I see is people trying to swing through at the target. This action actually has the potential to shift the circle right and off target with hugely detrimental effects.

So remember the swing moves in and up on the way back and in and up on the way through, never straight!

Think of the swing this way and your game will improve.

2 Responses to Understand the swing is a circle

  • John T Smith says:

    This is where I am having some trouble. Maintaining the circle. I reckon I flatten it out on the down swing.

    • The stability of the circle hinges on a number of factors but here are the main ones. Firstly the left arm being straight constantly sets the radius. Secondly the amount the body is bent over will effect the angle at which the circle travels around the body. Thirdly the players own intention of where his is trying to direct his hands which should be inwards around the body. Finally the stability of the circle will be affect by the way the player sets and uses his weight is it forward or centred and does it move. Hope this is useful. Kind regards and thanks for your comments!

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