Create more Swoosh in your Swing!

photo (1)Getting the most from your swing extremely important, most people generate plenty of club head speed but never actually transfer it successfully to the ball.

The idea is for the club head to reach maximum speed at the point of impact so that the ball goes the furthest it can for your swing. However the problem I find with most people is their swing reaches maximum speed before impact.

photoI have a simple exercise that will help you use all the club head speed that you create at the right point.

Turn your club (preferably a driver) upside down and and make some golf swings. Notice the point in the down swing where the biggest swoosh is made. Most of you will find the swoosh happens somewhere near your trailing foot. The key is to make the swoosh happen as near to your leading foot as possible. To achieve a swoosh further forward in your swing it may take some practice and trial and error with feelings. Once you can make the shaft swoosh by your leading foot consistently turn the club around the right way and hit some balls with the same feeling. You will be amazed by the results of the simple drill.

So make a swoosh in the right place and get the most out of your golf swing

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