Work on your long game on the course!

People think it is impossible to work on your long game on the course, but I completely disagree. Improving an working on your long game doesn’t necessarily mean complex swing thoughts!

Change the course to change your game!

What do I mean by this? Well let’s take a typical golf problem like a slice (unmanageable curvature to the right for a right handed golfer).

20130603_102432 - CopyManipulate the golf course by placing the right rough and miss to the right side of the green as a ‘hazard’ in your mind. So if you miss the fairway right or the green to the right, you have to chip out sideways or add penalty shot o your score. In reality your ball could be perfectly fine and playable however with a problem like this finding the right side of the course all the time can be very dangerous.

The great thing about an exercise like this is that you will have to find a way with these changes to the course and game to still shoot your handicap. Your game will have to adapt to find a way to hit the fairway or the left side of the course. This skill and environment based learning is proven to be extremely effective as humans have always adapted to their environment and formed habits to survive.

Other examples of this could be a short hitter playing off the longest tee’s, his or her game will have to adapt (get longer) in order to play to the new conditions.

So look at where you need to improve your game and change the course to change your swing. Enjoy the progress!

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