Hit those high & soft short shots

steveflop2A simple way to make your approach shots high and soft is to do some practice with an exaggerated ball position outside your leading foot.

So many people hit their approach shots with the ball position in the middle or back of their stance. To say your being counter productive is an understatement, it’s more like you have no chance.

A shallow angle of attack is what’s required and not just just that, lots of loft to go with it! The only way to achieve that is with the ball forwards in the stance, way forwards. To go with that, a sand wedge or lob wedge is required with the hands positioned back in line with the club head (behind the ball).

steveflopThe biggest comment I get when explaining this is “how will I get under the ball?”. Well the answer is simple, the lowest point in the golf swing is when the the golf clubs and the leading arm line up (so basically in line with the armpit). That happens just outside your leading foot if your weight is forward, say 70/30 on the leading foot. At this point (the bottom of the swing arc) the club is presenting its maximum loft and the swing is at its shallowest.

You’ll be surprised instantly how clean the contact is, how soft the strike is and how high the ball will fly! Just remember to keep your hands and wrists soft to allow the club head to do what it wants through and post impact

So move that ball way forwards in your stance , if its scaring you it’s probably in the right position!

You won’t believe the results.

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  • Sally Bruce says:

    I’d always been taught previously to place the ball back in my stance for short shots. When Steve taught me to place it completely differently with ball forward and weight forward I couldn’t believe how crisp the shots became. They were soft, up and stopped. Loads of weight on the leading leg – then add some some more. But keep the arms relaxed and soft. Sweet – believe – it’s in the hole.

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