Each putt has two sides

photo (5)This is a very quick and simple tip this week but it is the key to good putting and lots of us don’t do it!

We all read the surface of the green in different ways and with different routines to decide whether the putt is turning from the left, right or just straight. But I think we get overly obsessed with the line, it’s the pace that will not only dictate how much the putt will turn, it will be the defining factor in whether the putt will actually drop of not! An over paced putt won’t turn as much due to the pace and an under hit putt will turn more and of course won’t even get there!

photo (4)I’ve mention how the optimum holing pace of a ball is 9 inches of pace (if the ball were to miss it would end up 9 inches past the hole). This can only be achieved by taking in all the information the green has to offer. The advise is simple, look at the putt from both sides (behind the ball and behind the hole). This will ensure you have taken in all aspects of the slope. Why is this so important? Because golfers generally get too obsessed with the line they fail to take in the slope (up or down hill) and therefore don’t account for it in their stroke. This often leads to a well struck putt on a great line but with awful pace never going in and normally leading to the dreaded 3 putt.

photo (3)Now I know most golfers are concerned with being too slow. I’m not talking about necessarily bending down and analysing it. Just go for a quick walk around the putt (minding people’s lines of course) maybe taking no longer that 5 – 10 seconds. Maybe even try to do it while other people are preparing to save time.

So have a walk around your putt to take in ALL the information and hole more putts!

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