Is a straight spine the best posture?

head_down_1_w640A myth that has plagued golf instruction for years is that of having a straight spinal posture in the set up. If I told you it was limiting your swings movements, consistency and potential would it surprise you?

A ‘straight’ spine not only reduces your ability to turn and twist it also reduces the connection between your body and arms. This is because straightening you spine (retracting your shoulder blades) pulls your arms back and off your torso.

Firstly during your back swing the spine stretches (extending or straightening in other terms) to produce power. It then returns to flex during the downswing acting as a huge lever. If the spine starts straight and stretched it will have no where to go in the back swing reducing power.

The key is to relax and round your upper back and shoulders during the set up. This will not only allow you to stretch fully during the back swing but it also allows your arms to sit more on your body increasing body connection and consistency. At the same time let your neck relax and hand down more so that you are looking at the ball out of the center of your eyes.

Also let your pelvis tuck under your body a little not arching your lower back this is another common set up trait I see that limits the pelvic twist and therefore power in the golf swing.

photo 1

photo 2

Be careful however It is would noting the body should still be bent over to around 40 degrees from the waist it’s more to the rigidity of posture I’m referring to.

You’ll be surprised about the results

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