Cure a Slice for Good!

The slice in golf (uncontrollable right curve) is like a plague and many golfers struggle to ever get rid of it once it sets in. The problem is that generally the swing and movements that produce a slice are tuned to the way the club moves and attacks the ball during the down swing. Getting out of these moves is very difficult because it requires you to change not only the movement but the style in which you use the club through impact.

Through my years of research there is one defining movement that occurs in every successful golf swing. I would consider it to be almost the anti-slice (anti right curve) move, the cure. Changing this one piece can cause a chain reaction affecting many body movements in a positive way.

It simply comes down to learning how to raise the handle or ‘butt’ of the golf club through impact.

When I have previously asked the question where to you thing the end of the grip is at its lowest point during the swing the answer I get is “it’s lowest at impact isn’t it?” But unfortunately that isn’t the case at all. The end of the grip or handle is at it’s lowest point as the shaft is parallel to the floor halfway through the down swing.

From there the grip or handle will begin to rise through impact. This is the defining move that not only adds power but also creates draw or at the least neutral results.

Raise handle 1

Typically almost every case I see where golfers can’t stop hitting it with a slice the handle of the club is lowering through impact. The act of lowering the grip or handle through impact actually sends the swings direction inward across the ball creating the right curve. This also typically sends the weight back onto the trailing foot. The finish will be extremely un-athletic as your body will have more than likely finished bent over from the waist.

raise handle 3

If you look at the opposite i.e. raising the grip or handle excessively, the swings direction will be shifted outward (the opposite direction across the ball) which produces draw or hook spin (left curve). This would also typically allow and encourage the weight to finish forwards on the leading foot with the hips also pushed forwards leading the body. This style of finishing position.

So how do we raise the handle through the ball?

Simply start off hitting some chip shots on the driving range with what ever club you desire. It would be worth adjusting the set up so that more weight starts on the leading foot. Do this by shifting or “bumping your hips forwards so they start ahead of your upper torso (you should feel weight favors the leading foot 60/40 ish) with a shorter swing it will allow your body to work as it should with a full action. The only focus you need have during the swing is on the finishing position of your hands and grip.

The end of the grip should finish pointing up, to achieve this in turn you feel as though your leading wrist is ‘bowing’. These will also having the effect of forcing your hips to finish more pushed forwards and stretched. Practice hitting little shots like this at first, the ball should fly off a little lower and with a little left curve. Gradually build you swing longer until you can achieve this with a full length action.

raise handle 2

Good luck curing your slice don’t hesitate to message me with any questions.

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