Sharpen up your aim to sharpen up your game

The fact is that hills and sloping lies should heavily effect your aim for shots around the green and green side bunkers.

This is due to a phenomenon called face plane tilt. This refers to the fact that the faces loft will be tilted and effect the direction of the ball when ever the club strikes the ball with a non horizontal sole position. Even if the leading edge of the club is aiming at the target the loft will be pointed in a different direction.


If the toe of the club is higher (upright) which will happen if the ball is positioned above the feet, the ball will fly left. If the heel of the club is higher (flat) which will happen when the ball is positioned bellow the feet, the ball will fly right. (right handed golfer explanation)

What many golfers don’t realise is that the effects of face plane tilt are most exaggerated by lofted clubs, especially wedges. So when it comes to playing those little shots around the green take time with your aiming when it comes to awkward lies.

Sloping lies

If the ball is above your feet ensure you aim enough to the right even opening up the face a little to get the ball on target. If the ball is bellow your fee ensure you aim enough left even shutting the face a little to get the ball on target. (This is also true for bunkers)

So don’t let the side hills and awkward lies catch you out, understand all the factors when picking your aim.

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