The Secrets in the Shoulder Turn

For anyone who slices the ball or struggles with power and distance the shoulder turn can hold the secret to greater consistency and the shot shape you’ve been dreaming of.

First we need to understand the problem. Golf is a game played on a tilted angle, our body is bent from the waist somewhere from 35 to 45 degrees and sometimes beyond.
The angle that we set at the address position is typically the angle of inclination that is maintained throughout the golf swing until somewhere near the finish. To achieve this the shoulders turn in a circle with the left shoulder moving downwards on the way back then the opposite movement on the way down with the right shoulder moving downwards whilst the body weight moves towards the target (this true for a right handed golfer and opposite for a left handed player).

The issue I see and fix all the time is the shoulders turning too level during the down swing as the player tries to hit the ball (right shoulder moving across and not down). As the shoulders turn too level the golfers hips and weight tend to move backwards creating problems with strike and creating the slice. The level shoulders also create too much rotation at impact which will make the club swing across the ball.

So what’s the solution? The shoulders need to turn in a circle. When the shoulders are turning too flat the player must exaggerate the opposite feelings I am about to explain in order to create a balanced shoulder movement.

So during the down swing you need to exaggerate two sensations, the first is of hitting the golf ball without turning your shoulder or torso at all. The reality will be that no matter how hard you try you will still turn adequately even though the torso feeling is of no turn at all. The other feeling you need to incorporate with no ‘turn’ is of the right shoulder moving downward towards your right foot (right handed golfer).



Note in the picture how the shoulder typically moves down and backward slightly, if your right shoulder doesn’t move backwards slightly your shoulders will be turning too level. This movement will be created by the two sensations I have suggested to you.

As your right shoulder moves more down and a little back (with less turn) your hips will push more forwards creating a bend to the right (right handed golfer) which is present in ALL the games best players. You will not only start drawing the ball you will hit it higher and further.

To make this ball super effective try hitting shots off of a low tee. The effect of the ball being on a tee will help you to achieve this move faster and more effectively.

Start with shorter swings if you need to in order to achieve the correct motion.

Good luck with your practice.

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