Does your Swing Fit YOU?


Have you ever been measured when you’ve had a golf lesson? To know if something fits us we need to get measured, your golf swing is no exception.

I use a 10 test+ system that will check your body measurements, proportions and natural movement patterns, these will highlight exactly which style of Golf Swing will work for you!

Trying to move in another way than what is natural and possible will either end in injury or frustration.

Everyone is built differently and will move uniquely therefore your swing will be like a fingerprint, one of a kind!

Stop struggling with Golf Swing changes and find your swing solution.

For instance the proportion of your right forearm in relation to your upper arm will dictate the plane (height) of your arms in your back swing and down swing. (right handed golfer)

See 3 examples of Elite Athletes all with different swing positions and bodily proportions.


Take my FREE 30 Minute Assessment and get measured today

Find out which Swing Fits You!

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