Stick or Twist on your Golf Swing

20150516_104828Building a golf swing that’s natural is imperative when trying to reach your full potential as a golfer. But how do we know what is natural or if your golf swing is moving in the optimum way for you? We need to test otherwise it’s hard to know what is nature and what is nurture!

Twist test –

Get into a golf posture facing a mirror and place a club across the tops of your legs.

Twist naturally not necessarily how you would for a golf swing, twist in which ever way offers the least resistance. What happens to your hips in the test will dictate your best and most effective movement that should be happening in the golf swing.

What to look for –

Front leg pivoting golfer – you will see your rear pocket or rear leg moving back towards your front leg (the direction you would be hitting). With this type of pivot your rear leg should be allowed to straighten and the weight will feel like it shifts onto your front foot. (Right Picture)

Central pivoting golfer – you will see your hips turn in the centre neither moving forwards or backwards. To do this successfully your rear leg will straighten a touch and the weight will feel equally distributed between your front and rear foot. (Middle Picture)

Rear leg pivoting golfer – you will see your front pocket or front leg moving away from the target towards your rear leg. To do this successfully your rear leg must retain flex allowing your weight/pressure to shift onto the rear foot. (Left Picture)


Once you’ve identified what style of pivot is natural you need to asses whether your swing currently uses your natural pivot motion or another that may have been trained! It’s easy to asses by taking a video of your swing from in front of you ‘face on’ checking for the same trait as described in the test. If it matches great, if it doesn’t change your twist to your natural motion (twist test result) and watch your golf develop in power and consistency.

Enjoy and good golfing.

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