A Year of Golf (Volume 1) by Stephen Packer

52 Lessons to Ensure your Best Ever Year of Golf

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This book was over a year in the making and 6 years in research. It incorporates some of the best and most up to date information available to golfers!

The aim of this book is simple, to give direction and structure to peoples practice.

Let’s face it we should all practice more and we all secretly like to. But I see the same problem arising all the time; people either get bored of practicing so don’t bother or they just stand on the driving range hitting bucket after bucket of golf balls.

Well, this 136 PAGE book tackles both of these problems –

Firstly, in this book there is a lesson for each week, so every week you will have something new to work on. The lessons are simple and require a week or sometimes maybe a little more to implement. All of the lessons compliment each other so there is no conflicting information. By following this book you will never be bored practicing this year!

Secondly, this book is structured to give advice for all areas of your game, stopping the driving range syndrome! You will have lessons in putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, long game and even the mental approach ensuring an all round improvement throughout your golf.

Trust me when I say that standing there just hitting golf balls continuously on the driving range (the sin so many of us are guilty of) will not improve your score or your handicap.

To ultimately improve you must work on all parts of your game, this book contains 52 Lessons that will do just that!

This book also includes two bonus lessons written by Karl Morris himself!

So download this book and have your best ever year of practice and your BEST EVER YEAR OF GOLF!

Stephen Packer
PGA Professional

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