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Growing up as the son of a Top PGA Professional I spent my childhood watching my father teach a multitude of players. They ranged from top amateurs (including The British Amateur Champion of 1994) to numerous European Tour Professionals, because of this I was exposed to a lot of knowledge and experience early in my career.

Starting as a passionate playing Professional I often appeared in Professional tournaments predominantly in the West Region and on the Europro Tour.

After trying to make it and falling short I went in search of the secrets of how to succeed! Leaving no stone unturned I travelled around the world to seek out and spend time with some of the worlds leading golf coaches. This started to give me a unique insight into the latest idea’s in top end coaching and swing theory. When it came to gathering knowledge I realised very quickly everything can influence golf performance so I began to research all area’s, from specialists in key skills such as putting, short game, ball striking, Golf psychology & Golf Fitness.

Having trained in the gym for golf since 2006 I feel that fitness, flexibility and diet play a major role in golf performance. This passion encouraged me on to do my fitness qualifications and my sports massage qualification. This knowledge allows me to offer more than just a standard golf lesson. I understand injuries and limitations associated with golf so I can give real solutions

With 22 years of experience in golf including 7 years of research my focus turned to writing. I was exited to share some of the information that I’d learnt and test the water with my first planned book of 5. A simple one that has amazingly for me has gone on to become a UK Number 1 Best selling ebook in the Amazon Kindle Store for golf.

Even now I am researching more effective ways to learn and still gaining new qualifications, you’ll find me regularly attending coaching conferences and seminars to discuss the latest techniques in the golfing world.

For me each lesson is truly unique, there’s no greater feeling than helping a client achieve and improve, seeing their ball flight and skill level reach and exceed their expectations.

I am fortunate enough to work with professionals playing on the Europro tour and Top amateur golfers including county players and RAF National squad players. I enjoy working all standards of golfer and not just with elite, I find everyone is looking to get something different out of golf and thats exciting. I started playing golf because it was fun and my aim is to help you enjoy your golf too, no matter what the standard or goal.


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