Achiever II Launch Monitor Custom Fitting

Another service I offer is custom fitting, for this I use the Achiever II Launch Monitor.

Launch Monitor Info –

G.A.II’s patented laser technology provides unparalleled accuracy and precision in the measurement and reporting of all significant ball flight and golf swing data. The G.A.-II Laser System comprises two main components: an L-Frame swing-capture unit and software. The L-Frame contains lasers, photo-detectors, and ultra-high speed electronics arranged to create a precisely mapped ‘laser grid’ for the player to hit through. Once a player hits a ball through the laser grid, the GolfAchiever’s user-friendly software records the player’s shot, immediately generates a simulated ball flight, and provides industry standard accuracy on a wide array of golf swing and ball flight parameters. GolfAchiever can be used indoors or outdoors and was designed to be portable. This launch monitor is 99.9% accurate and one of the best on the market!

Being a Ping Custom fitting Speialist I also use Ping N-flight software with the Achiever which ensures that I get the very best club to match you!


Why is Custom fitting important Click Here to find out!

I offer a FREE fitting service once a month on a Saturday with no obligation to buy!

There are 8 spaces available on the day between the times of 10am – 2pm

An appointment is required so book in for a fitting and make sure your clubs are right for you!

Get Custom Fitted to improve your golf……

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