Advanced Putting Coaching

One of my main qualifications is as a Certified Putting Instructor or CPI, it is currently the only advanced putting qualification that is endorsed by the PGA. Read More 

About the Session

Advanced however doesn’t mean more complicated, my advanced methods actually make putting far easier to do and understand. It doesn’t matter what standard your at, I can make a big impact on your ability to putt and perform. My approached to putting is very holistic (all encompassing), I don’t teach a method or a theory simply a set of idea’s and principle to follow. Provided your approach to putting follows these principles you can really putt any way you like and very successfully I might add! I only deliver Hour Putting sessions (unless to juniors) as this is the time required to deliver and understand the information needed to improve. Each session starts with a consultation and putting questionnaire which allows me to pin point your specific problems and concerns. From this consultation I can structure and deliver a personalized session targeted at your specific putting issues. This whole process is very effective with the results assessed at the end.After the session, a session notes card is written up for your records. This will allow you to pick up where you left off during your next practice session, ensuring continued learning and improvement.

Suitable for – Beginners / Intermediates / Advanced

Only – £70.00   

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