Certified Putting Instructor (CPI)

One of my qualifications is as a Certified Putting Instructor or CPI, it is currently the only advanced putting qualification that is endorsed by the PGA. Before taking the course, I flew out to florida USA to meet with the creator Frank Thomas to find out a little more about his theories techniques and beliefs on putting and coaching. His idea’s were innovative, refreshing and fun as one of his main goals is to help people enjoy their golf more! It fitted in fantastically with my own ethos.

The Certified Putting Instructor Course was developed by Frank Thomas who is recognised as the world leader in holistic putting.

The goal was to create a comprehensive curriculum based on good science to help the PGA and LPGA professional deliver a holistic putting lesson to golfers so they could improve their game.

Frank has been researching putting for over a decade. He is best known for his invention of the graphite shaft, his redesign of the Stimpmeter, as well as creating the USGA Research and Test Centre where he directed the research and testing of golf equipment for over 26 years.

Surrounding himself with an Advisory Board of research superstars, Frank set about creating a putting course that is unrivalled in golf education. What I learnt during the course was not a putting method, more, an all encompassing approach with solid fundamentals rooted in good scientific research.

This course built upon my understanding to take my knowledge of putting to the next level. It doesn’t stop there, through forums and ongoing research, we are now breaking new ground and sharing information amongst fellow CPI’s so that we can deliver the best information to students to help them improve and enjoy their game more. I am at the forefront of putting theory.


Having also spent some time out with Frank and Valerie (Co-creator) at their base in Florida USA where I have had first hand experience of what they do and how they teach.

So if putting is your problem, come and talk to me about your issues and we can create a dedicated putting plan for you and your stroke.

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