Golf Facilities

I am based at The Dorset Golf & Country Club situated in Hyde, Nr Wareham.

Driving Range –
We have a 16 bay Under cover Floodlit Driving range that has various targets and nets. The range is floodlit until 9pm Mon-Fri and 7pm Sat-Sun so I can hold lessons at any time of the day!
Practice Bunker –
We have a large custom built bunker running alongside a three-tiered target green. The bunker can accomodate up to 7 people at a time, range balls can also be used to practice with so you don’t have to pick them up afterwards. The Practice Bunker is located to the right of the Driving Range.
Pitching Green –
We have a secluded pitching/chipping green with three flags where practice can be done from up to 60 yards from various positions and lies. This would generally be done with your own practice balls. The Pitching Green is located next to the Woodland 27th Fairway.
Putting Green –
There is an 18 Hole Putting Green which is undulating and challenging to simulate any putt you could be faced with on the course. Chipping can also be practiced here provided it is only away from the fringe of the green and the ball is kept below waste height. The Putting Green is located next to the Clubhouse, helpfully next to the 1st and 10th tees on the Lakeland/Parkland Course.
The Courses –
Finnally we are lucky enough to have 27 holes of fantastic golf, with a championship 18 , the Lakeland/Parkland Course, at over 7000 yards off the back tee’s. This is perfect for developing a strong long game and taking your playing to the next level!
We also have a fantastic shorter 9 hole course, the Woodland Course, which is tighter with and holds a greater emphisis on course managment and consistency, this is a great place to learn and develope consistent ball striking. Fantastic for beginners and intermediate golfers.
The Dorset Teaching Zone –
I generally do all my teaching using advanced video analysis, through the utilization of the Apple iPad 2. This means we can video any part of your game where ever we are, this is great when we are looking closely at your technique and we can instantly see and discuss any changes.
If you want a little more depth to your video analysis when working on the long game, we also have our swing studio! In the Dorset Teaching Zone Swing studio you can see your swing on high speed video (210 Frames per Second) using my specialist Casio Exelim FH20 camera which is projected onto an almost life size screen, this allows us to see everything in great detail and clarity, perfect for elite golfers!
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