Course Lessons

Playing lessons are an essential part of the learning process, learning the skill and applying the skill are two completely different things!

During a playing lesson we will cover things such as –

Course Management: Learning how to plot your way around the golf course hitting the right shots at the right time!

Golf psychology: The process of controlling your emotions and reducing the levels of stress and anxiety felt during a round of golf. We also work on things such as visualisation, imagrey and routine. This will allow you to use a care free swing on the golf course reducing frustration and improving the enjoyment of golf!

Swing Technique: As were not on a range matt hitting into oblivion the swing technique can change due to the environment of the golf course. So we can stop in different situations and play multiple shots to work on technique and build confidence. I also teach predominantly using the new iPad 2 which allows me to use video swing analysis anywhere on the golf course. This is a great facility and allows you to see the difference between your ‘range’ swing and ‘course’ swing! This results in faster learning and complete understanding of the solution!

Available Lesson-

4/5 Hole Playing Lesson

90 Minutes of tuition on the course, perfect to iron out any little problems on the course and get you back on track. This is also advised to be added to any course of lessons to help implement any change from the range/practice green to the golf course. Suitable for Beginners/Intermediates

Only – £105.00   

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