Golf Fitness

Fitness plays a major role in golf performance. It’s important to not only have strength to hit a golf ball, but to also have the endurance to hit all those golf shots and walk around 5 miles. My qualification as a level 2 Fitness Instructor gave me the basic knowledge about the body, types of training and nutrition I needed to begin my own research into golf specific fitness and nutrition. After a round of golf you should feel as fresh coming off the course as you started, if you don’t you need to work on your golf fitness! Another common complaint I get is even if the player doesn’t ‘feel’ tired their round that started off well begins to tail off finishing poorly.

If this sounds like you I can create a personal golf specific program to improve your golf fitness. This will allow you to play your best golf for longer and to stop performance tailing off as the round goes on. Nutrition can be just as important as your fitness levels, I can advise you on the correct Pre and Post round meals you should be eating. I can also give you an eating/hydration plan for around the golf course to ensure consistent energy levels and maintained concentration.

That’s not the only application of golf fitness, using targeted and specific exercises I can increase your strength for golf helping you hit the ball more powerfully and more consistently.

Improve your golf fitness, improve your golf its that simple!

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