Golf Mind Traps



The 9 thinking sins that RUIN your game and HOW to avoid them

The Art and the Science of EFFECTIVE thinking.  This 2 cd programme will provide you with a SYSTEM to STOP getting in your own way on the Golf Course

What are the MIND TRAPS?   Golf is a game which allows us toTHINK and the problem is that MOST of our thinking makes us WORSE.   We have ALL been conditioned to think in certain ways.   For the FIRST time, learn how you can INSTANTLY be able to CHANGE your thinking and DISCOVER the golfer you are CAPABLE of becoming.


CD One

Track one       Introduction

Track Two      The First Thinking Sin – Practicing Badly

Track Three   The Second Thinking Sin – Perspective

Track Four     The Third Thinking Sin – Over or Under Par

Track Five       The Fourth Thinking Sin – ‘Trying’ to be Positive


Track Six         The Fifth Thinking Sin – Concentration

Track Seven   The Sixth Thinking Sin – Perfectionism

Track Eight     The Seventh Thinking Sin – Playing for Others

Track Nine      The Eighth Thinking Sin – Trying too Hard

Track Ten        The Ninth Thinking Sin – Enjoying the Status Quo



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