Group Coaching

Designed specifically for the topic and the day these group sessions are like nothing ever done before, aimed to create an environment which stimulates learning through focusing on external factors. The goal is to develop your existing abilities through a one half day or longer group session. This crash course approach has proven to be more effective than a course of group sessions time after time.

In groups of up to 10, each session will follow a schedule that aims to develop one particular area of your game. You will be introduced to a new ‘sub-topic’ as the session progresses so knowledge and understanding is built and progress will be possible long after the session has finished.

These sessions are not designed to rebuild your golf swing, far from it. In fact, I will probably talk very little about the exact mechanics of the golf swing, my focus will be on principles that many styles can fit into. The session will consist of performing targeted drills, challenges and light hearted competitions. The importance of psychology will be touched upon regularly and we will discuss how physical skill is acquired and learnt.

Having me on hand for the longer period of time offers a refreshing diference to the typical 30 minute golf lesson, I keep it simple, friendly and very effective. In this enviroment learning can not help but occur. After just one session your view of practice and golf will change forever.

*Open to all Golfers

*To attend a session you must pre-book


Please feel free to get in touch, via my contact page, with any questions you may have or to enroll in the next group session.

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