How to Video Tape and Upload your Swing Video

Videotape Your Swing

Using your smartphone camera or video camera, we need both down-the-line and face-on views to do a proper analysis of your swing.

Down-the-line View

Face-on View

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • It helps to have a tripod or something to rest the camera or smartphone on.
  • Position yourself directly behind the student, this is the down-the-line shot.
  • Height of camera should be hand-high when at your address position
  • Begin recording and hit two shots with whatever club you want.
  • Stop recording and move camcorder to the face-on position
  • Record two more shots with the same club.
  • Stop recording
  • Review your video to make sure you can see your entire body and club swinging within the screen.

Upload Your Video

You will need the V-1 software and you have three ways to upload the video,

Using the free V-1 PC Desktop app, download and install it here.

    • Take your camcorder or smartphone and save your swing video to your home computer in mpg, and avi format.
    • Then you’re ready to upload it to the Stephen Packer Golf right through your computer using V1 Home software.
    • The software has a simple step by step video tutorial to make this process painless.

Using the V-1 Droid smartphone app (Free) download it here.

    • Install the App
    • Log-in or create a new account
    • Capture/Import video your swing
    • Analyze Video (this needs to be done first in order to get the video into a format V1 Pro understands)
    • Click MENU > Upload/Assign
    • If Stephen Packer Golf isn’t in the Choose an Academy list, click (Add a New Academy) and add it. Otherwise, select Stephen Packer Golf Online Academy.
    • Select an Instructor (There is only me).
    • Wait for the Upload to finish.
    • Once the video is analyzed by your instructor, it will be moved to the Locker/Analyzed list where you are able to view it.

Using the iPhone or iPad app (£2.99) download it here.

    • Install the app
    • Log-in or create a new account
    • Select Stephen Packer Golf and then your instructor; if not listed, click the + button to select the academy from a list, then the instructor
    • Click on “Stephen Packer Golf” with your pro listed
    • Click Camera button to film a video, trim as necessary
    • From the analysis window, take the following steps:
      • click the V1 Logo
      • click “Send Video” then
      • click “Upload to Locker”
    • Once upload completes, it is automatically assigned to the instructor selected in step 2.
    • Video will be listed on the Locker/Uploaded tab in the app
    • Once the video is analyzed by your instructor, it will be moved to the Locker/Analyzed list where you are able to view it.

That should be it! Sit back and give us 5 days to fully analyze your swing.

If you have any questions at all, please email them to and we will be happy to help you out.

Thanks again!

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