iPad 2 Mobile Video Analysis

During my sessions I feel that video analysis is essential to the learning process for all parts of the game including short game, long game and on course application. That’s what spurred me on to invest in an Apple iPad 2. This allows me to do video analysis anywhere giving both me and my clients instant feedback on the effectiveness of drills and swing changes.

 I use the GASP video analysis software, some of the best swing analysis software on the market. GASP have also included an array of top golfers on video to allow a direct comparison to some of the most effective swings in the world!

I have seen some amazing results in as little as 30 minutes by using the mobile video analysis with the clients able to related feelings to movements far more effectively. My clients have also commented that they are able to gain a better understanding of how they are currently swinging it and what they need to do to improve and change their swing. After your sessions I can quickly and easily e-mail your video data to you so you can keep a record of your progress at home and watch your swing improve!

To see what the iPad system can do with the GASP software watch the short clip bellow…..

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