K-Vest 3D Motion Analysis

kvest-homeNow you can work on you golf swing with more detail than ever before, 3D Biofeedback allows you to see and understand your swing in a whole new way.

The use of video is the most accessible method for most of us to work on our golf swing however video alone cannot give all the detail we need when it comes to getting the most out of our golf swing. Tour Professionals and the elite within the game are now using all of the technology at their disposal in order to work on their golf swing and to improve faster than ever before.


K-Vest technology uses three sensors positioned on the upper torso, hips and leading wrist to asses vital factors present in all effective and efficient golf swing. It allows the user to feel exactly the position they need to achieve by indicating when the exactly correct position has been achieved, NO HIDING FROM INCORRECT REHEARSALS OR APPLICATION.

The K-Vest indicates more than just correct or incorrect movements, it also assesses the massively important timing and swing sequence elements of a golf swing.

There has been a proven swing sequence that must be achieved in order to hit it long and efficiently, firing the correct body part at the right time will allow you to hit it further, better and more consistently than ever before.

Having trained with a number of the worlds leading golf swing coaches I have learned how to interpret & asses 3D motion graphs, more importantly I learned how to change & improve them.

If your serious about your golf or if you’ve exhausted the typical golf lesson route with no success, then book in a K-Vest session to see what has been holding you back.






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