Laser Training Aid

How many of you have been told to work on your take away movement (the initial movement away from the ball)? I have, plenty of times! But every professional teaches it differently. I have probably been told around 20 different things to ‘Feel’  in order to create the perfect take away. Push it back straight being the main one.

However none of these feelings have resulted in the right movement and have all been pretty much useless! WI agree that the take away is one of the most important moves in the golf swing it can set you up for success or failure. There is an optimum movement to achieve going back, but how do you find it, more importantly, how do you know its the right feeling for you and if your doing it correctly?

As you will have already read I don’t believe in teaching feel, I believe in creating feel. If I can create a feeling for you through the correct movements it is has to be the most effective way to change and improve your swing. Through using the laser training aid I can show you exactly how the take away should be! You can see the results and train yourself, creating your own individual feel. This is the most effective way to improve, exclusively with Stephen Packer Golf.

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