My Teaching Ethos

Coaching isn’t as simple as telling someone what they’re doing wrong, it’s helping them understand what they need to improve and giving the most suitable methods for that person to change their game. Using my knowledge and experience I will asses your learning style, goals, available time and ability to create a swing that is right for you! I have a firm belief that people need to understand a golf swing (in simple terms) in order to understand how to change it permanently. So as you work with me your knowledge and understanding of your golf swing will improve as your technique developes. Through working with me I will dispel the classic golfing myths and give you a confidence that is free from those destructive notions.  As a coach my main job is taking movements out of the swing making it simpler not more complicated. Often I find people approach golf in a certain way because they thought that was how it was supposed to be, not how they wanted to do it originally.

As everyone is a different shape, size and character that means that all golf swings will be different and individual. That is why I believe in trying to play golf as naturally a s possible not conforming to a traditional set up or swing. Trying to teach a method or theory will limit a players potential, the more natural you can keep a set up, swing and approach the better chance you have of reaching your potential as a golfer.

My sessions are fun and informal as I take real enjoyment from teaching and helping people to improve. When working with me  you will find I teach with high-speed video, practice aids and drills as I think that this is the fastest way to help people get better, ensuring that players can see and feel exactly what they need to do.

As golf in played on a course not a driving range I feel it is very important to have a mixture of driving range and practical course sessions as it’s the application of golf that is ultimately most important. So you’ll find our time will be split between the practice ground and the course depending on what aspect we’re working on.

As you begin your golfing journey and start to change your game I will give you all the support and help you need to make sure you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. The help and advice doesn’t end at the end of my sessions, I am always here for any advice and a chat.

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