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A new Professional Golfer!

From Amateur to Professional in 2 years!




  • Understand your faults and the work ahead to fix them
  • Find out which style of swing is right for you
  • Get a plan down on paper and work through it to achieve your goals!



Almost exactly 2 years ago a father approached me about his son who dreamt of becoming a golf professional, he wanted to build a team of support to help his son get there.

After meeting Lewis I could see the desire, attitude and potential of a professional but off an 8 handicap and from a short and easy course there was a long road ahead with a lot of work to do!

The only solution was to eat, sleep and breath golf and he entered into my golf mentoring program in August 2014.

We worked together closely each week and it wasn’t long before his first competition win and cut. After that initial success the road was hard and we had to develop a number of areas of the game if he wanted further success. We needed a big increase in distance, shape of ball flight and in the versatility of his short game.

Lewis responded to this challenge in the only way he knew how, he got to work!

Over the next year Lewis gained over 100 yards with his driver going from barely 200 yards to 300 yards and beyond with a good strike, his shafts changed from regular to extra stiff and he learnt a multitude of short game shots by learning how to control the face, stance, ball position and club head release.

Of course these are the physical skills Lewis learnt he also improved many other areas mentally during this period. He developed a mental toughness including grit, determination and the work ethic of a machine. His character has evolved over the last 2 years and I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure and a privaledge to be the one to supporting him through his journey.

A word from Lewis –

“I started working with Steve around two years ago, and can’t believe how much my game has improved over the relatively short space of time we’ve worked together. His work ethic, determination and passion for improvement are qualities I look up to massively and try to replicate when working towards my own goals.

His vast knowledge of all areas of the game including all the important things off the course such as fitness and psychology mean he has been able to work with me to create a detailed training plan to get the best possible results out of all of my practice sessions. Every lesson I have with Steve always has a clear outcome, and I always come away from his sessions feeling like I have made progress towards my goals.

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is serious about improving any area of their game. Finally, Thanks Steve for not only being a great coach but also a great friend and role model”

Lewis has recently achieved a handicap of 3 and he took the decision to become a professional towards the end of this season (August 2016). The view is to introduce his game into the professional ranks in Autumn 2016 or Spring 2017 to further his development. He will be working and teaching along side me in the mean time at The Dorset Golf & Country Club and I’m sure he has lots of tips to share that he’s learnt in his journey!

With a great attitude, game and knowledge he can’t fail to be successful in the years to come, I’m excited to see what’s next!

Great job Lewis.




  • Understand your faults and the work ahead to fix them
  • Find out which style of swing is right for you
  • Get a plan down on paper and work through it to achieve your goals!


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Play the Golf of your Dreams

Around 3 years ago, I met with a young junior golfer of 16 who expressed to me a dream of becoming a professional golfer. After a long talk with his dad Mark we began working together, I told them that it wouldn’t be easy and would require lots of dedication to make it. I also told Mark his support would be invaluable however interference would be extremely detrimental. Luckily, Mark and I had worked together before and he trusted my judgement and opinion enough to just let me take control and leave Dominic to take his own journey.

We put an individual plan in place and began working together. Setting goals and processes in place for his Long game, short game, mental approach and physical development.

When Dominic started work with me he was playing off 21 handicap and had received some tuition before. He was worried about entering into such an extensive mentoring program with me because previously he didn’t really get on with taking lessons. After talking through Dominic’s concerns I found out it was because previous pro’s had been obsessed with changing his “unorthodox” grip. For me his grip wasn’t a problem, a lot of golfers and even professionals don’t realize that the grip is and will always be a variable, their is certainly no ultimate grip demonstrated by the games best players. For that reason, his comfortable and unique grip, was the thing I probably worried the least about. It has remained unchanged to this day and has definitely never impeded his development.

photo (1)


Along the way to gaining his professional status Dominic has enjoy some amazing wins and achievements including wining Captains Day, Presidents Day multiple club medals and The Bodger Trophy three consecutive times. The icing on the cake was when Dominic broke the amateur course record shooting 67.


photoA little bit from Dominic –

“I’ve been working hard with Steve for the last 2 and a half years. The changes that been made to my game have been truly remarkable, I don’t claim to be an expert in the field of golf coaching but the sheer attention to detail and willingness to help, regardless of how busy he may be at times is nothing short of exceptional.
Steve has taken me from a player with a 21HCP to the point of turning professional in the summer season of 2013. I couldn’t have imagined the lengths to which Steve would go to help improve my golf, but for the first time ever I’d come away from a lessons and be hitting the ball better instantly.
I wouldn’t trust anybody else with my golf, the best thing anybody could do for their game is to book a lesson with Stephen Packer, he is a truly exceptional coach and a great friend as well.”

“Thank you so much for all of your help over the years and I’m looking forward to taking my game further with your help.”

Dominic Narramore


The interesting bit will be where Dominic goes from here. Dominic has decided to turn professional and do his PGA Qualification. This will leave his options open for the future creating lots of opportunities for playing and competing at a high level, with our sights set on the Europro Tour in 2014.

Great work Dom, I know your going to make a great Professional golfer and our next journey starts here!

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Dominic Defends again!

D NarramoreThe Bodger Trophy is played for once a year by the club best most competitive players. Entry for the competition is reserved for the first and second men’s teams only and is played off the back blue tee’s measuring at over 7000 yards.

Being arguably the longest player at the club, Dominic loves the challenge of the blue tees, finding the extra distance no problem! It was an incredibly windy and wet day with the standard scratch raising so high it became non qualifying! However fighting the elements Dominic still came out on top, not just defending his title once but twice! This is the third year in a row Dom has won the Bodger Trophy but unfortunately it will be the last time, Dominic is set turn lose his amateur status half way through the season this year, turning professional.

It’s been a real pleasure working with Dom, taking him from a junior golfer of 21 handicap to a truly professional player!

Great work Dom, I’m excited to see what happens next!

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Revolutionize your swing in 30 Minutes

Here is a short video showing some of the recent changes that I’ve made with my clients in only 30 Minutes!

All of these clips shown are full proper golf swings made at a ball and all it took was 30 minutes of instruction……

Book in now to change your swing and get on the next video!

A notable recent change by one of my new clients change Matt Hallet – After only 3 x 30 minute sessions a transformation has occurred!!!!!!

Well done Matt, more to come!



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Dominic Shoots 67 to Break the Course Record

This year has seen Dominic put together his best season ever! Dominic has won over 8 competitions! The main ones being Presidents Day, Captains Day, Young Golfers Benefit Fund Shield, August Medal, September Medal, October Medal which was (The champion of champions medal).

His handicap has dropped from 10 (this time last year) to 4. An amazing achievement!

But it doesn’t stop there, in the process Dominic set a new course record at The Dorset Golf & Country Club.

He recorded 7 birdies, 10 pars and a double bogey to shoot 67, smashing the old course record by two shots! After the round Dominic told me

It was touch and go after my double bogey down the par 3 15th but I pulled myself together and finished with two birdies down the par 5 16th and the par 4 18th to set the record”.

After reaching and exceeding the goals we had set together at the start of the year, Dominic and I have reviewed his progress and set him his new targets for the new 2013 season.

“My aim now for next year is to turn professional and play some competitive golf next season. I feel that right now the sky is really the limit!”

Dominic and I have been working together for around 3 years now, he started with me as a 21 handicap golfer. He has not only worked with me on a one on one basis he also attended both seminars I put on last year with Dr Karl Morris (Europe’s Number 1 Mind Coach) and Gary Smith (The UK’s Number 1 Short Game Coach). Clearly this was a recipe for success. Dominic’s story really does prove that with hard work, a great attitude and the right support you really can achieve your dreams.

I said it last year, and I’ll say it again. Watch this space!

With the huge support from his Dad, Mark Narramore and my self, who knows what he will achieve in the years to come!

Great Work Dom……

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John Packer’s back in the swing of things

The Bloomfield Cup is played for once a year by the past captains of Enmore Park Golf Club, played over 9 holes.
John aged 76 shot 18 points off his 21 handicap to take the Cup! His round consisted of only 14 putts! “My putting was mustard I just felt like I couldn’t miss”. John also made 3 gross pars to make up his score, on the par four 4th, par five 6th and finally on the par three 7th. “It’s the first individual trophy I’ve ever won. Ive won pairs trophies before but nothing like this.”

Not bad after a 6 month lay off! “I had couple of lessons to get me going and the difference has been amazing! It was my 4th game back I definitely wasn’t expect results that quickly. After 2 lessons my swing just felt simpler and easier”.

After a whole winter and spring away from the golf course due to medical problems John asked me if I could help him change his swing to overcome some inflexibility and mobility issues.

Being my grandad how could i say no! After 2 sessions we came up with a swing and movement which felt comfortable and really worked. His strike improved and he found more power.

John’s worked hard to achieve these changes and results, with a little more practice and work I don’t think this will be last trophy he’ll win either!

Great work John keep it up!

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Wendy Defends the Maskery Cup!

Wendy Halliday has defended the Marskery Cup shooting Net 68 on a blustery day beating her closest competitor by 1 shots. She is only the 2nd person ever in the cups history to successfully defend the title!

Wendy’s round included 4 Gross Par’s and a Birdie 2 down the Par 3 17th. Wendy hit her newly learnt punch shot under the wind to around 15 feet and holed a nice putt to convert it.
This latest score takes her handicap down to 21 losing a total of 3 shots this year so far!

With Wendy’s clear ability to make Par’s and Birdies I have no doubt that her handicap is soon to tumble-down where she deserves to be!

Wendy and I have worked together for a long time, her hunger to improve and constantly better her self is inspiring. I have a great time working with her and can’t see any reason why she wont develop into one of the The Dorset Golf & Country Clubs best Lady golfers!

Well Done Wendy, super work!

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Ladies Skill Development Handicap Reductions

Its normally only competition wins and close seconds that I write about in my student achievements section however some recent handicap reductions are well worth a mention especially when they all come from the same Group sessions.

The Ladies Skill development sessions were the creation by Myself and PGA Professional Jonathan Elsdon. Our aim was simple,  create an enviorment free from instructional (traditional) learning where players can improve their skills through methods other  than ‘re-modelling’ their golf swings.

The last ladies skill development sessions were designed to improve upon putting confidence and stroke effectiveness on the green.

The results have been astounding. Janet Hull & Angie Crabtree have both been cut with the effort they have put in is showing already. Both received handicap reductions of one shot, taking their handicaps from 29 to 28 and 33 to 32 respectively.

Vickey Kardas also recieved a substancial cut after shooting 40 points in the last ladies competition. This cut has taken her out of the Higher Handicap ladies inter club team and straight into The Dorset Golf & Country Clubs Ladies first team.

All this achieved in only a four week course, fantastic acheievment for all three and there is definately more to come!



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Andy conquers the Corbin Cup

Andy Dobbs had a fantastic round in the 2012 Corbin Cup shooting 41 points winning by a comfortable margin. Th e Corbin Cup is the first singles event of the year and marks the start of the competitive season here at The Dorset Golf & Country Club. This is a great start to the year for Andy already receiving a handicap cut of Two shot from 19 to his new handicap of 17!

Andy had a lot of good holes during his round but the one that stood out was the 422yrd 13th which is the hardest hole on the course! Andy crunched his drive down the middle only to follow it up with a superb approach in to around 10 feet. Unfortunately Andy lipped out for his Birdie but he made an easy par for 4 points on the card, not bad huh!

Andy and I have worked together through the winter trying to make some fundamental changes to his swing and to the way Andy thinks about the golf swing. With the great changes that we’ve made and Andy’s new perception of the golf swing I think he will take the club by storm and make a real impact on his handicap this year! No wonder he came out firing….

A great start to the season Andy, don’t worry there’s lots more to come!

Well Done.

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Ladies Skill Development Group already Wins!

Vicky, Bridgett & Wendy won the ladies bowmaker with a fantastic 71 points. This is they’re first achievement of the new year. It was a wet and wintery day on the course making it tough for everyone who tee’d up. The girls however rose to the challenge, playing some truly great golf. The highlight of Wendy’s round was on the Par 5 16th hole where she was on the green in just three shots, it took a fantastically struck 5 wood to carry the lake and make Gross Par.

The Ladies were part of my Skill Developement sessions which started in january 2012. The sessions were the creation and brain child of myself and Jonathan Elsdon. The idea was to create an environment and a structure where Ladies of all standard can progress their skills and develop as golfers by not necessarily ‘remodeling’ the whole golf swing. All the Ladies involved progressed fantastically with Vickey, Bridgett and Wendy winning the bowmaker comfortably.

Jonny and I have really high hopes for our Ladies this year. They all have the potential to achieve some fantastic results!

For now though, a really well done to Vicky, Bridgett and Wendy, keep it up girls!


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