Swing Plane Trainer

Swing Plane Trainer

The ball can only do what it’s told to do by the club at impact. That’s why the ‘hitting zone’ is so important, by that I mean from waist high to waist high. To a certain extent it doesn’t matter what the club does during the rest of the swing so long as by the time the club is at waist high on the way down it is in the right position. I look for the club to get back on plane with a flat left wrist and maintain good pressure point pressure in the right hand grip (right handed golfer). This position must be maintained through the hitting zone until the ball is long gone.

A lot of people ask me why it’s so important to hold the position if the ball has gone, the answer is simple. The movement the club and the hands make after the strike will begin before ball has even gone and as impact is so important we want to ensure the club, hands and shaft reach the right position. So prolonging that vital position is one of my main imperatives as golf coaches, creating an extremely consistent strike pattern and shot direction.

My swing plane trainer encourages this vital move more effectively than any other method around. Most coaches when working on this would ask you to “feel” something in order to achieve the position they’re looking for. Well I believe that to be an archaic way of coaching yielding poor and in-effective results. Everyone’s “feel” is different, I don’t teach feel as we are all individuals. I create an environment where you can produce your own feel from exact positions, using the plane trainer and my drills, meaning you put the change into your own words and feelings. This is the optimum environment and process for creating permanent changes in the golf swing.


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