Dr Karl Morris –

FullSizeRender“I meet a lot of golf professionals within the course of my work some are very good, some are at best average but every now and again I come across someone who is CLEARLY going to become an outstanding coach. Stephen Packer is one of those very RARE individuals who has an incredible thirst for knowledge, a great style of communication and empathy with his students but above all else a willingness to take ACTION and do the challenging things necessary to become a great coach. He is someone who I would recommend wholeheartedly to look after a golfers aspirations and future progress with the game.”
Karl Morris – Founder of the Mind Factor & worked with 4 Major Winners


Gary Smith Advanced Fellow PGA Professional –

steve & Gary

“I worked with Stephen presenting short game to his members earlier this year. Stephen is an outstanding coach in so many ways. His communication skills were excellent throughout the day, his enthusiasm and personality shone through and his skill level was extremely high in helping me deliver what seemed to be a very successful day all round for over 60 golfers. He never wavered from giving 100% focus to the day and in truth I cannot speak too highly of him. Stephen is exactly what the PGA at the highest level are trying to produce and he is a credit to the profession.”

Gary Smith – EGU’s England Elite Men’s Coach & UK 25 Coach


Clients –

John Docherty – 21st January 2014

Hello Stephen

I appreciated your interest last week in how my game was progressing following the group golf lesson on Drawing the Ball last November. It was the first time I had attended a group lesson and felt quite nervous, though it became clear I needn’t have worried.

Your demonstration and explanation of the psychology and science of the golf swing was a real revelation to me, as I had not thought about it in that way before, and made particularly enjoyable as it was over a relaxed lunch in the club house.

Your help in building up the draw set-up step by step, your observation and individual assistance during the subsequent practice, and the before and after exercises, were invaluable. It was really exciting to begin to see how the ball moved straighter and longer and in a completely new way.

At the end of the session when you asked us to strike ten balls and chart the flight trajectory of each ball, it was amazing to see how everyone in the group had improved their swing. Mine was totally unrecognizable from the big slice I started with to a creditable looking and far more effective golf shot.

This was a 65th birthday present from my wife and proved to be a truly very special present. Four hours of excellent golf tuition. A great big thank you from a happy golfer.

Kindest regards

John Docherty

Ben Fowler

“Having had several lessons with Steve, I cannot sing his praises loud enough. His enthusiasm for instruction is matched by his wealth of golfing knowledge which combined makes him a truly outstanding pro. Not only does he give you the ability to hit terrific golf shots, but you leave his lessons with a deeper understanding of your swing. If you are looking for a friendly, innovative golf lesson, look no further than Stephen Packer.” ben.p.fowler@gmail.com


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