The Secret to Consistent Golf

Price : £29.95


Unlock the MYSTERY of a truly repeating, effective and winning game! Revealed for the FIRST TIME!!
This 2 cd programme will provide you with a REVOLUTIONARY and UNIQUE outlook to your golf game.
Giving you practical TOOLS and TECHNIQUES you can apply INSTANTLY to your game NOW!!
It is time to look at your game from a NEW PERSPECTIVE.
You need to a POWERFUL shift of your MIND. You need to understand how your brain will NEVER allow you to swing the club perfectly every time BUT you CAN be CONSISTENT. With a complete understanding of these extraordinary principles you will BECOME the BEST golfer that you can be. You WILL attain a level of consistency you previously only dreamt of. You will be able to play golf in a state of mind that gets 100% out of your ABILITY.
Look forward to seeing scores tumble, frustration reduce and a score which will be DRAMATICALLY LOWER!!!
You will learn :
• Why the brain won’t allow the swing to repeat
• What you CAN make consistent in your game
• How you can deal with NERVES and ANXIETY
• The PROFOUND value of a RITUAL
• How to play a game you CAN win
• How your OUTCOMES will take care of themselves
• How you can get the best from a BAD day
• How a slump can be avoided
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