Train your Golf Brain

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If your target is to break 70, 80, 90 or 100 then this unique programme is for you. A personalised programme allowing you to blend mental training with physical practice.
Four Quadrants to Mastery – a unique CD programme providing you with secret psychological tools practiced by tour players.
Quadrant 1 – Before Golf
This first CD shows you how to mentally prepare for a round of golf. It will allow you to access a peak performance mindset and show you how to effectively train your golf brain. Highly recommended for playing at home on the way to the golf course.
Quadrant 2 – During Golf
Focus, concentration and decision making is the basis of quadrant two. This CD will give you practical and applicable tools to develop a winning mindset allowing you to play at the top level for longer.
Quadrant 3 – In between Golf
These tools are vital in pressure situations to help overcome negative and destructive emotions, especially when coming down the stretch. You only actually play golf for 15% of the time on the golf course. Learn how to manage effectively the 85% of the game that is non-golf.
Quadrant 4 – After Golf
This final quadrant is incorporated into the third CD. Karl Morris will show you how to train your brain to instantly recall success and develop the ability to let go of failure. Put the positive into your game and help increase self confidence.
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