Watch Wendy

Name – Wendy Halliday

Age – 5

Started Golf – November 2010

After a long competive course fishing career wendy was looking for a new challenge, golf sounded like the perfect fit. Wendy has a really competitive nature and wanted to become the best golfer that she could be, so I suggested a completely unique approach to her learning. Wendy was the pioneer for my golf mentoring program and hasnt looked back since.

The golf mentoring course is the most effective structure of learning that I offer and includes unique sessions working weekly on your game and approach. Read more

Wendy only started playing around 2 years ago in Nov 2010, starting work with me in February 2011. Wendy gained her first handicap of 36 in September 2011 getting cut to 35 through the winter. Her first full competitive playing season was 2012.

In her first competitive year (2012) Wendy saw her handicap drop from 35 to 24! During her amazing first season Wendy won in excess of 8 competitions not including her second and third place finishes. One of the highlights of her season was winning the Maskery Cup shooting a fantastic Nett 64, her closest competitor was 7 shots behind her at Nett 71 making it a storming victory! This was such a fantastic achievement the result and an article actually got published in the Dorset Echo!

Due to her amazing progress I asked her if I could make her golfing journey public so everyone can see what is possible with the right attitude and learning enviroment so, welcome to Watch Wendy!

Here Wendy is going to document her practice, progress, feelings and results. So I hand it over to you Wendy happy posting……..

P.S. Hope you don’t mind me putting your age down 🙂

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